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Ed's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2006-01-27 12:30
Subject:Account Closed

This account is no longer used.

Date:2005-12-22 07:30

Following concern that I had not reciprocated on the 'nice things' meme, I looked back and realised that I had hidden my one under a nondescript 'meme' lj-cut some days ago. It is here for anyone who cares.

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Date:2005-12-09 06:58
Subject:Happy Birthday d_floorlandmine
Mood: cheerful

Have a good one!

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Date:2005-11-18 06:45
Subject:Happy Birthday spindr!
Mood: scorpiotastic

You are an utter star. Enjoy 27.

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Date:2005-11-16 07:22
Subject:A few things
Mood: happy

Thank you so very much all those who said nice things about the arrival of Luke Antony Ricketts (my nephew) into the world. I was not able to keep up with replies at the time because of running all over the place and only having a dial-up connection. He was 8lb, 10oz and I'll see if I can persuade sarcaustik to post her photo of baby, mother and uncle later. I have never seen a newborn baby before. As I hear is customary, he lay there quietly, not crying, looking around at the world. It was a moving sight.

Thank you also all those who said nice things about my grading. The art in question is taijutsu, which would not have been clear if your view does not display tags. There is, of course, a very long way to go.

Happy birthday to mouthymetaller, kneeshooter, and me. I am 33 and really rather pleased by the whole idea.

London was fabulous. We saw my wonderful cousins. Georgie, Mike's wife, is also expecting in January. Catching up with a variety of excellent souls in the pub on Sunday was most pleasurable, as was the most excellent Nakhon Thai on Monday evening. There were many fine London poeple that we did not get a chance to see, which I regret profoundly.

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Date:2005-11-14 22:15

My nephew has arrived in this world :)

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Date:2005-11-14 09:55
Subject:My sister went into labour yesterday

...at about 17:00. Says it all really. Fingers crossed.

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Date:2005-11-02 07:38
Subject:From cogenthoughts

foodstuffsCollapse )

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Date:2005-10-17 14:22
Subject:I got a present this morning
Mood: ecstatic

It was A Feast For Crows by George R. R. Martin. I have been waiting for this book for years and am therefore a thoroughly happy Ed.

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Date:2005-07-07 11:08
Mood:the obvious

Hope you are all ok. Thinking of those who are not.

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Date:2005-07-06 09:06
Subject:Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
Mood: content

I have just finished this fine book.

Some minor spoilersCollapse )

I need to read more books that provide a reading experience of this magnitude.

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Date:2005-06-10 17:21
Subject:I am dumbstruck
Mood: sick

jfs posted this link. It is a blog written by Zach, a US 16 year old at a homosexuality re-education camp. John's full post is here for those who do not normally read his journal and includes related links.

It was one thing to have some idea about the existence of these places. Reading this makes me want to vomit.

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Date:2005-05-30 17:53
Subject:A couple of things...
Mood: curious

Firstly, thank you, jfs, for drawing my attention to this. I look forward to Mr. Martin's work with eager anticipation. This kind of approach to the fantasy genre is right up my street, particularly in its lack of moral absolutes and all knowing, all powerful characters.

Secondly, some views if you do not mind. It would appear that the French have voted 'non' to the European constitution, and whilst it is not certain, current poles in the Netherlands indicate that they are going the same way. Ever closer union with Europe is something that I would like to believe in, but do not find myself able to support. The principal reason for this is that I find the arrangement of power within the bureaucracy to be undemocratic. The European parliament, directly elected, has relatively little power. Most power resides with the Council of Ministers, not subject to direct election by the citizens of the Union and therefore not directly accountable to them.

It is therefore moot to me whether leglislation from this body is in accord with my personal political philosophy - if we cannot get rid of them, then it is not democratic, and I support democracy. Even the limited extent to which it exists in this country is not justification for the still further remove of direct electoral influence represented by the Council of Ministers. Well, that is a brief summary of my position. Would any out there who are in favour of the European Union care to try to convert me? As I say, it is something I would like to support if I could, in a way.

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Date:2005-05-29 08:50
Mood: happy

On Thursday, there was James and Fleur's (WANOLJ) wedding reception. It rocked, particularly in the number of people there whom I see far too rarely. The atmosphere was lovely and it was wonderful to see them so happy.

Friday evening reminded me of how good Buzz is as a restaurant, and how much I love quality Japanese cuisine.

Yesterday, we had a barbecue at mine. It seemed as if nearly_everyone was there. Much fun was had in seeing some of the same people whom I see to rarely, and some different ones of whom this is also true. Much talk, food, drink and no music.

Life is good :)

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Date:2005-05-19 19:25
Subject:Tails is up north this weekend

Tails, formerly mr_tails, will be at the Wendy House this Saturday. Also, he will be around in Leeds the following day. He is up to celebrate the northern leg of his birthday and would really like to meet up with any friends who are free. At his request, I am posting his mobile number for anyone who wants to get in contact with him. It is 0781 5511806.

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Date:2005-05-16 13:17
Mood: tired but happy

I realise that updates to this journal of any substance have become a little scarce. The reason for this is that at the moment, spare time is rather scarce. Other than work, this is entirely self-inflicted. Things on the relationship front are brilliant and sarcaustik is utterly wonderful. I went to Maelstrom this weekend and had much fun crewing and getting murdered. Preparations were already underway for the CP Fayre event, so now I can return in earnest to them. Dear Santa, I know I have done this to myself but can I please please please have some more time?

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Date:2005-05-06 06:42
Mood: not at all surprised

Not even close.

My record of never having voted for a victorious candidate in a UK general election remains intact. That said, the Liberal Democrats got a lot closer to the Conservatives this time. That is something, I suppose.

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Date:2005-05-05 10:01
Subject:Please vote
Mood: curious

pax_draconis said it here.

spindr said it here.

sushidog said it here.

Edit: While I was writing, kixie said it here.

I am saying it here. If you live in the UK and are registered to vote, please vote. Please vote for the party that most closely satisfies your criteria for effective policy making and trustworthiness in government. Please do not just vote for a big party to prevent the wrong lizard from getting in. If you cannot happily vote for any candidate, or feel that to do so would endorse a system you despise, please spoil your paper in an active registration of these feelings rather than just not bothering to turn up. Loads of people are saying it. I am saying it too. Please vote.

Another Edit: Although ant_girl disagrees here, her point about thinking being more important than voting is one that I wish I had made.

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Date:2005-04-28 20:58
Mood: ecstatic

I'm going to be an uncle!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date:2005-04-28 17:58
Mood: happy

Once again, I'm really touched by everyone's good wishes. There are so many that I hope you will forgive me just posting here that I really do appreciate it from everyone. I will do a rather more substantial update on the stuff of life next week.

Also, spindr, I was really grateful for your card. My thoughts are with you and your family. I have left a message on your answerphone, but if we do not get a proper chat before the weekend, it would be really good to speak properly next week.

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