November 16th, 2005


A few things

Thank you so very much all those who said nice things about the arrival of Luke Antony Ricketts (my nephew) into the world. I was not able to keep up with replies at the time because of running all over the place and only having a dial-up connection. He was 8lb, 10oz and I'll see if I can persuade sarcaustik to post her photo of baby, mother and uncle later. I have never seen a newborn baby before. As I hear is customary, he lay there quietly, not crying, looking around at the world. It was a moving sight.

Thank you also all those who said nice things about my grading. The art in question is taijutsu, which would not have been clear if your view does not display tags. There is, of course, a very long way to go.

Happy birthday to mouthymetaller, kneeshooter, and me. I am 33 and really rather pleased by the whole idea.

London was fabulous. We saw my wonderful cousins. Georgie, Mike's wife, is also expecting in January. Catching up with a variety of excellent souls in the pub on Sunday was most pleasurable, as was the most excellent Nakhon Thai on Monday evening. There were many fine London poeple that we did not get a chance to see, which I regret profoundly.