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A couple of things...

Firstly, thank you, jfs, for drawing my attention to this. I look forward to Mr. Martin's work with eager anticipation. This kind of approach to the fantasy genre is right up my street, particularly in its lack of moral absolutes and all knowing, all powerful characters.

Secondly, some views if you do not mind. It would appear that the French have voted 'non' to the European constitution, and whilst it is not certain, current poles in the Netherlands indicate that they are going the same way. Ever closer union with Europe is something that I would like to believe in, but do not find myself able to support. The principal reason for this is that I find the arrangement of power within the bureaucracy to be undemocratic. The European parliament, directly elected, has relatively little power. Most power resides with the Council of Ministers, not subject to direct election by the citizens of the Union and therefore not directly accountable to them.

It is therefore moot to me whether leglislation from this body is in accord with my personal political philosophy - if we cannot get rid of them, then it is not democratic, and I support democracy. Even the limited extent to which it exists in this country is not justification for the still further remove of direct electoral influence represented by the Council of Ministers. Well, that is a brief summary of my position. Would any out there who are in favour of the European Union care to try to convert me? As I say, it is something I would like to support if I could, in a way.

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